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Protection over family - Family Law in Huntsville, AL
Legal issues are often an emotional area of the law requiring innovative yet heartfelt solutions to difficult issues. Patrick A. Jones Attorney at Law has built a solid foundation balancing the well-being of his clients with pragmatic solutions for all parties involved. Our experienced attorney represent clients in all stages of the legal process. We believe in being accessible to our clients, since legal matters don't stick a particular schedule. While our office is located in Huntsville, AL, we practice throughout Alabama, specifically Madison County, Morgan County, Lauderdale County and Marshall County and we litigate cases in all courts.
Patrick A. Jones is a graduate of Cumberland School of Law in Burmingham and represents businesses and individuals. He offers an excellent defense strategy for his clients and has been in business for over 33 years. Call Patrick A. Jones Attorney at Law today at 256-533-2827 for legal assistance.

Business Affiliations

  • Who's Who in American Law
  • Life Member of Alabama Defense Lawyers Association
  • Former Director of Arthritis Foundation
  • Former Director of SciQuest Science Center
  • Former Director of Alabama Community Development Association
  • Life Member of Scottish Rite
  • Former President of Young Lawyers Association
  • Former President of Huntsville JC

Awards & Recognition

  • Alabama Police Benevolent Association Award
  • One of the 5 Outstanding JC's in the United States
  • AAMU CDC Board Member Outstanding Service Award